How long does it take for LiquiBand® to dry?

LiquiBand® polymerizes in 30 - 60 seconds, on average.

What is the waiting period before showering?

Light showering or bathing is permitted immediately after the LiquiBand® adhesive polymerizes. However do not scrub, soak, or expose the wound site to prolonged wetness (including swimming) until after the film has sloughed off naturally (usually in 5-10 days).

What length of wound can be closed using LiquiBand®?

The length of wound that can be closed using LiquiBand® is down to clinical judgement.

How is LiquiBand Flex® different from LiquiBand® and LiquiBand® Flow Control?

LiquiBand Flex® has a different formulation that results in a more flexible adhesive and film-forming appearance. In addition, LiquiBand Flex® contains 60% more adhesive.

Is LiquiBand Flex® better than LiquiBand® and LiquiBand® Flow Control?

LiquiBand Flex® has different characteristics mainly around the flexibility and appearance, and it contains a greater volume of adhesive. So, in procedures where those attributes are desired, LiquiBand Flex® may be more suitable than LiquiBand® or LiquiBand® Flow Control.

Where can I buy LiquiBand®?

Please fill out our order form on the website for online ordering: http://us.liquiband.com/contact-us.aspx