• The unique, elegantly designed applicator was developed with input from clinicians across the globe. 

LIQUIBAND Flow Control

LiquiBand®, recipient of the prestigious Medical Device Excellence Award in 2009, was inspired by unmet user and clinical needs in topical skin adhesives.

For clinicians who desire a topical skin adhesive that is fast, precise, and is delivered in a controlled manner, LiquiBand® Flow Contol is the ideal choice. The winged applicator allows for effortless activation and smooth, controlled expression of the monomer. The clear dome provides a window for visibility of the monomer so that users are in full control of how much product is applied. Finally, the precision applicator tip allows the clinician to apply the monomer in a precise fashion. 

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LiquiBand® Flow Control

LFC 002

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LIQUIBAND Flow Control

LiquiBand® Flow Control is available in 0.5g, sterile, single patient use ampoules, 12 applicators per box