• Fast, strong, secure wound closure.

    LIQUIBAND Exceed™ is the newest and most innovative topical skin adhesive to join the LIQUIBAND family of products.  LIQUIBAND Exceed™ is a 2-octyl cyanoacrylate adhesive that has a unique felt, applicator tip to faciliatate even, consistent application.

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    Fast, strong, secure wound closure.
  • Fast, precise, controlled application.

    LiquiBand® Flow Control combines the easy-to-use winged applicator with a precision applicator tip and a clear viewing dome which allows clinicians to apply the LiquiBand® skin adhesive in a precise fashion.  

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    Fast, precise, controlled application.
  • Strong, secure, and flexible.

    LiquiBand Flex® provides strong, secure and flexible wound closure in seconds! LiquiBand Flex® combines an advanced formulation with a uniquely designed applicator which results in an easy-to-use, fast, durable, and secure wound closure.

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    Strong, secure, and flexible.

Where To Buy

LiquiBand®, the leading topical skin adhesive in the UK is now available in the US.




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